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Mississippi Writing/thinking Institute

The Center for Educational Partnerships

Mississippi Writing/ Thinking Institute, established in 1985, is a collaborative network of seven National Writing Project sites in Mississippi. In this teachers-teaching-teachers model, master teachers from public schools are invited to attend five-week summer programs at local university sites to prepare to lead professional development programs for their colleagues around the state. During the school year, districts collaborate with the Institute sites to design programs tailored to district needs. Research, sponsored by the National Writing Project and at the request of the USDOE, reveals three significant results:

1. Student writing improves when teachers employ strategies presented by the MWTI.
2. Teachers actually implement strategies presented in the MWTI professional development.
3. Students of teachers implementing MWTI strategies at higher levels tend to score higher on state writing assessments.

The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute, as an affiliate of the National Writing Project, is an authorized program of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Dr. Mariella Simons
Associate Director, Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute